Goforth Photography

Who's the guy?

My name is Jonathan Goforth and I am the nerd of the relationship. I am the one that is always lugging around way too much gear just in case I need to get that one shot I don't even know I am going to be taking. I will take too many photograph and I will pay for it once I am back at my computer.

and the girl?

That pretty little lady is Amy, and she happens to be my wife. She is also multi-talented. Sometimes she is my lovely assistant. Her humor just happens to be my secret trick to portaits, cause let me tell you what, that girl is funny. But watch out when she gets a camera because she is kind of a ninja photographer. Give her one camera and one lens and then wait because it isn't going to look like she is doing anything. Then, at the end of the day, she took a total of three photos, but they are all perfect.

and together you are?

Captain Planet! Oh wait, that isn't right. Actually, we are Goforth Photography. We can handle just about any photography job you might have but we really like live theatre. Between the two of us, we have almost 30 years of experience on stage. We know the shows, the culture, and the best ways to really capture as show as its running.

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